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Lovely Flowers in Cooper’s memory! Thanks so much!! We love them!!


August 10, 2011

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COOPER 8/5/2011

You were the moon and stars that shine at night
You were the sun, my afternoon’s delight
When you left, I was not ready
I hate being without you, please come back to me

I miss your hugs and sloppy kisses
I miss your unconditional love
I loved your floppy ears, when you would hop about
When I was sad, it was you I sought

You were my Tripawd Warier
You fought so hard, there was No-One better !
To meet you, was to love you
Across the globe, your presence will be missed

So baby boy, I release you
Into your eternal home
Until someday- when we shall not have to part again

Copyright 2011 Faith Blackburn
All Rights reserved

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Barney and Cooper

June 4, 2011

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Barney stealing dads boat

Well, it is a week since we came home from the cabin. I have been wanting to get on here and write about that purple beasty Barney, but my dad has been fussing around about me non stop  since we got home about something in my lungs – lung mints or something… if its mints he should be glad because maybe it will make my breath a little better … oh well, I didnt feel the very best while on vacation so my adventure with Barney was on the mild side , but here’s a little re-cap of the events. Barney arrived here in the middle of May – sent from my beautiful girlfriend Isabelles house. This fact that he came from Isabelle created some confusion on my part as I smelled her and immediately thought she was sending me a wonderful friend! As my early pictures with Barney will show this clearly. It didnt take long to find out the truth – the only good thing about Barney was the smell of all my dog friends that had hosted Barney before me… and oh my dog!! how is it possible for the smell of so many good friends to be on one small purple dino?? I smelled Isabelle of course and Fortis and Holly and Ginger and Nova and Opie and Maggie and of course my hero Angel Catie Caitlin and beautiful Angel Mackenzie and Chloe and Lincoln and on and on!! I smelled Barney for hours getting to know all my pen friends.

Well Barneyy tried to eat my food… and I started to see how HE  was.. in the guise of friendship I offered him my rawhide bone which was so huge compared to Barney anf he almost got strangled by it! That was the closest I came to killing Barney but I didnt give up. When mom and dad took me to see my Aunt Anita and my cosin Eddie the poodle (monkeydog through and through ) but oh well he’s family.. we left old purple britches at home with no food and water! But darned if he wasnt still alive when we got home!

But I knew we were going to cabin to the lake for a long vacation, and I thought oh good! A whole 11 ndays!! Bareny will starve for sure! But then!!! My dad brought Barney with us!! So there goes MY vacation! Early on I invited Barney outdoors to share a salad with Barney… hehehehee… little did he know that I like to eat itch weed…. hehehehee… as you can see by his many bandages – he got quite the rash!

I would have thought that would settle the reptile down but NOOOOO!!! As soon as my mom and dad left to take a day trip to Rock Island – Barney tries to steal my dads boat!!! I dont even get to go in my dads boat!! ( Of course I try to jump out and swim… ) but anyway, fair is fair and Im now just a little peeved! So before my mom and dad got back I caught that Barney dude and hung him from the ceiling fan and turned it on. Well, I didnt kill him , but let me tell you for the last few days he has done not much but lay around on my bed… yeah yeah I said my bed, I flet sorry for old purple britches a little and let him crash on my bed = whatever!! Anyway I want to thank the beautiful Isabelle for sending Barney to me and I want to also mention that before that Chloe had offered to send him but we had so much on our plate that we declined at that time. Thanks Chloe for offering! And to Spirit Jerry… I also smelled you on Barney and I am so honored that I got to share your toy…. thank you for this oportunity!



A turn in the road….

June 2, 2011

Its Coopsdad here…. what I have to write today belongs in Coopers blog, I have been trying to decide what topic to post this under in the forums but there is no topic for this. The only place for it is in Coopers own blog… today is the day that I know once and for all how very much I hate cancer. Cancer has been the cause of so many deep and tumultous emotions in our lives… it has single handedly brought so many dear and close friends into my life and then unceremoniously ripped them out of my grasp forever!! I HATE CANCER!!! I am barely able to see to type this as I just finished reading Caties blog and the devastating news that Catie earned her wings. Yes I cry every time I read that one of my friends furfriends have earned their wings… I am not ashamed I cry like a little girl each and every time. Reading the news about Catie today has even been harder to bear as it rides on the heels of the news I got about my hero and best friend Cooper yesterday… IO have struggled to figure out what and how to write… Coopers allergies subsided for a time and eventually the cough came back and was persistant. I spoke with Coopers vet the day before yesterday because Coopers cough and what triggered it mocked the symptoms of congestive heart failure. We decided it was time to take some x rays. My handsome Cooper 7 months into his journey has two fairly large tumors in his lungs… so Caties mom … please no that it is not with empty words that I say I cry for you and your loss of your beloved Catie… I HATE CANCER!! Cooper is not in pain. He is in awesome spirits and we are enjoying every minute with him just as we started from the day he had his amputation. This group has taught me such a valuable lesson in realizing that there will be plenty of time to grieve when the end of the journey arrives… today we live and love and enjoy…. but WE HATE CANCER!!! Yes… Cooper is old… he is going on 11 … but Cooper as well as all of my dog friends here are better and more genuine and love more and more freely than 99.9999 percent of all the people I have ever met.. they do not deserve this… I HATE CANCER!!!



Barney is in Iowa

May 17, 2011

Well, I have not been very good about keeping my blog updated. Much has happened in the last almost 3 months since I last posted here, but nothing of major impact except for the passing of my 5th and 6th ampuversaries! But now an amazing thing happened!! One day my dad came inside from work, and he had THE MOST INTERESTING smelling box!!! And it came from my beautiful Isabelles house!!! I could smell her on the box right away… but OHHHH so many smells, smells of places … of other dogs… and treats … ohhhhhhh such smells. My dad opened the box and out hopped the ugliest purple dinosaur I have ever seen!! Well, as Hurricane Rosie pointed out at first I was duped into believing he was my friend because he was in among the wonderful treats Isabelle sent me, but it didnt take me long to know that this lizard was not my friend ! So in the guise of friendliness I offered Barney my chew bone…. hehehehe!!! My bone is bigger than Barney!! He almost met his demise trying to chew it! but he got away, We left to go visit my aunt in Atkins for the weekend and we left old purple britches at home with n o food and water ( and no heat) but alas he was still alive when we got home. We are preparing to take a week long trip to the cabin in 2 days – and I am taking lizard brains with me where I anticipate many many adventures for Barney clownboy. I will fill in the details when we get back!

Hi everyone! It has been awhile since I talked here and since it was the tripawds blogs that first gave my pawrents and I the inspiration to move ahead with this 3 legged business, I guess I should post here now and then to help encourage any new dogs in the block. Yes, today is 4 months since they tricked me into falling  asleep and then stole my left front leg. Now that I am healed and doing fine I often laugh and think about how it was me that had the last laugh! If they were going to steal a leg , they should have checked things out a little better and at least took a leg that worked! Yes , it still makes me laugh, they got a bum leg and I got free from all the pain the darn thing was causing.

There have been no big events since since I last wrote here. We have made it through the winter, dad worried so much about how I would do on snow and ice – and after he did all that work shoveling me a potty patio after our 16 inch blizzard… I started going on arctic expeditions in the deep snow everyday just to try to show him he doesnt have to worry so much. But anyway – no big events is a good thing, because it seems every time I read about big events in the blogs, mostly the big events seem to be bad events, not always.. but lots of times. So I am for a few more years of non events here at our house.

But anyway! grab a red pawty hat and and an extra few cookies or the treat of your choice and beg your pawrents for a few extra tummy scratches to help me celebrate today! Thanks everypawdy for being here for me and my pawrents!


Tribute To Cometdog

February 6, 2011


Twinkle, Twinkle little Star.
Precious Comet what a wonder you are.
You took my heart and made it whole.
From the first moment in time, you were my star.

Beautiful white fur and pretty pink bows,
Your heart and mine, they beat as one.

I knew when you were happy, or when you were sad
I knew each bark, each whine,  and I feel so bad.

Dear, Dear Comet, you left me so swiftly,
I had no warning, that you would not stay with me.

I look into the night sky,
The stars shining so brightly.
My heart can see you shining, up in the night sky.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Comet Baby
I want you to know, you will always be with me.

Copyright 2011 Faith Blackburn
All rights reserved

We got a little bit of snow

February 2, 2011

After blowing snow all night, Dad had to dig me out a path, so I could walk  and, -you know……Do my business. We got over a foot of snow Mom & Dad were saying.

I’m not sure how to post on Fortis’s  Blog, so I put this on Cooper’s blog & hope you see it, Brett & Pattie! I wrote it, just for you guys!


Broken hearts,
Broken dreams,
How can we go on,
We’re up in arms.

Our feet take deft steps,
We walk in a maze,
We need you, dear Lord,
To give us Grace.

Our mind’s a blank,
Our tomorrows-hard to face;
Help us, Dear Lord,
We need -to see your Face.

As we walk our empty house,
We see his stuff ,
We want him back,
We didn’t have him nearly long enough!

We Greave for us!
We Blame ourselves!
Deep in our hearts,
We knew it was time!

We loved him SOO!
He was our Angel;
Here on earth.

Father, we need your help!
We need your care!

Help us through this!
It’s almost too much to bear!

I know -he now walks,
The Golden Streets
Help us, Father,
To give him into your care!

Copyright 2011 Faith Blackburn
All Rights reserved

Written 1-15-2011

For Fortis’s “Pawrents”- With Love in Christ.  I know your grief! Each Angel God blesses us with, to give them up,-is total heart break! I pray for God’s Peace! Please know we are here for you!

P.S. Please feel free to copy this to your blog, if you like. This Poem was written for you guys!

Me on my 2 month ampuversaryI havent posted much on my blog in the last month. Well, mostly I guess because things have been going well for me. I have celebrated Thansgiving, and Christmas – 2 howlidays my pawrents originally thought I wouldnt be here to celebrate. And n ow here I am on my two month ampuversary. I am at the point where with getting around ok and eating well and getting lots of new muscles that I can be a big help and encouragement to the new tripawds that are coming along all the time. I want them and their pawrents not to be too afraid. I know with the bad thing that brought most of us here, that can be easier said then done. I know mom and dad had a hard week this week as there were so many sad and tragic losses. Mom and Dad love furkids in a way that a lot of folks just dont comprehend. Dad says that we are compassionate and loyal and give such total unconditional love , that he doesnt understand why everyone doesnt feel this way. Well, I keep telling mom and dad to just keep taking it one day at a time and rejoicing each morning they wake up and see my smiling face and my tail wagging! And thanks again to all of the tripawds before me that have helped pave the way for this Christmas/Ampuversary celebration of mine! Ones like Fortis, and Comet and etgayle and Lincoln and Tazzie and Sammie and just so many more … and if I didnt mention your name I apawlogise, it doesnt make any of you any less special. Everyone here in this group has been such a blessing and a help. Even Monkeybutt Rocket, Monkeyface Mattie and Rosie too! Monkeydogs or not they are friends in my book. So I dont know when I will be on here to blog again, but I plan on it being at least for my 3 month ampuversary! I am putting a picture of myself today in front of the Christmas tree… can you n otice how dark my new fur is growing in?