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Cooper here, how is everyone? Hoping you all had an awesome weekend! I know I did! I got kind of worn out , but for a change it was a good worn out! WE GOT TO GO TO THE CABIN!! HOORAY!! I first of all noticed that the stairs at the cabin are way less steep than home…. hmmmmmm, I wonder if I can talk dad into moving to the cabin….. I will have to work on that, heard him talk about the water getting shut off for the winter, I wonder if that makes a problem for moving in……?? Well, by gosh a little while after we got to the cabin I gave an extra show of strength an hopped myself up onto dads futon! I thought sure he would take the floor after all that work , but alas , he made me get back down to the floor. But anyway, we spent the whole weekend TOGETHER!! And in the same BIG room! I got my drain out Friday and all my restrictions were pretty much lifted as far as keeping me cooped up ( no pun intended ) We went shopping in Muscatine on Saturday, mom and dad bought me more carpet runners for the cabin , and dad ordered some stuff to put on my feet so I dont slip so much. I didnt get to go down to the lake , but I could see it and smell it !!! maybe soon I will be strong enough to go down, dad did promise that if I keep working and doing so good that he promises to take me swimming this spring! HOORAY!!! Oh dad and mom also bought a new swinging baby gate to keep me away from the stairs, now no one has to climb over that old gate and the front door has been put into commision again. That seems to make mom happy. Well, lets see… I guess thats about it, if all goes well I am supposed to go and have my sutures removed this coming Friday, so I should be in pretty good shape for Thanksgiving.. dad and mom always give me a special thanksgiving plate every year …. I wonder if I can work some extra goodies out of this…… the treats are surrrrreeeee flowing smoothly lately. Well, I guess thats all for now! But thanks for checking in on me and we will talk to you soon! Its only 11 days til my one month ampuversary you know!!

Cooper on the futon

You take the floor dad Im good right here!

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One Response to “First happy weekend post op….”

  1. Carmen (Catie's Mom) said:

    Cooper, it’s wonderful that you had such a great TOGETHER weekend with your family even if you didn’t get to go in the lake.

    Hooray for happy weekends!

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