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tomorrow is a doctor visit

November 18, 2010

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Cooper here, I have had a super good week! I have to get up early tomorrow to go see the doctor. Dad says my stitches come out tomorrow! Yayy!! I hate those pokey old things, and my new fur growing in is getting all tangled in them!

Besides that….. the stitches are kind of up high …. near my neck….. I think they are making my neck look fat!! I’ll have to get a picture taken after they are out and send to Monkeybutt!

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5 Responses to “tomorrow is a doctor visit”

  1. krun15 said:

    Yea!!! Stitches out day. That calls for a celebration, you know we use every reason we can for ICE CREAM!!!

    Congrats on another milestone.

    Karen and the pugapalooza

    p.s. you look smashing in your hat!

  2. etgayle said:

    cooper, congrats on getting those itchy stiches out!! you can nap without getting ‘poked’!! and, don’t worry about your neck looking ‘fat’…we think you look ‘hotty totty’ just the way you are!!!

    gayle & charon

  3. Carmen (Catie's Mom) said:

    We agree with Gayle & Charon. That’s not a fat neck;it’s just the right size to hold up your noble, handsome head.

    Happy day to get those pesky stiches out! Yay Cooper!

    (Hey, I’ve seen that hat in several places before 🙂 )

  4. nstephenson said:

    Yeh Cooper! You have been through a lot! It’s time for good news and taking the stitches out. Yippee!!

    JAMES the poodle

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