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On this day after Thanksgiving, I have much to be thankful for. Today is my one month ampuversary! It is so hard for mom and dad and I to imagine that one month has gone by. I have my ampuversary one day after thanksgiving which helps me to really pawse and think about my blessings. I am thankful that mom and dad didnt listen to the first doctor , because had they done that I am not sure I would be here talking right now. I am thankful for no pain, I am thankful for a warm house and as much love as I want. I am thankful that I never have an empty stomach. I am so thankful that mom and dad drove all the way across Iowa 4 years ago and adopted me – at 6 years old I was beginning to feel that NO ONE wanted me 🙁

We spent the day before my ampuversary in Cedar Rapids at my aunt Anitas. We had a good time but I had to stay downstairs almost the whole time because I was a little tense around my crazy cousin Eddy… ok well he isnt crazy – he just acts crazy, but I guess only being about a year old brings out the crazy in some pups.Eddy is a standard poodle and he thinks he is something special. ok, ok I guess he is a little special….  We had turkey, and dad is cooking a BIG turkey this very minute!! now I know that at home Im going to get A LOT of turkey and also some sweet potatoes and maybe some pie… dad has always shared the family feast with me on Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving! And with my ampuversary falling so close to it, it is just so much more special.

Last night I heard dad talking to aunt anita about how he wasnt even sure I was going to be here this Thanksgiving, I am not sure where I would be but I am glad I am here!

I am also especially happy to be sharing my thanksgiving and ampuversary with all my new found friends and family at tripawds! Happy thanksgiving and licks and doggy kisses to you all!!

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8 Responses to “Today is my one month ampuversary!”

  1. credocanis said:

    Happy, happy day Cooper!! I can’t think of a better way to spend it: family, poodles, turkey, and sweet potatoes (my personal favorite).

    We’re awfully glad your Dad didn’t listen to that first vet and even more glad that they realized that a six year old dog is way better than any old puppy. They are super smart, I think, and you are all lucky to have found each other.

    Lincoln’s Mom

  2. etgayle said:

    cooper, you make all of our thanksgivings special, by sharing your wit, your charm, and your effervescence. enjoy your turkey and sweet potatoes!!!

    gayle & charon

  3. anyemery said:

    Yay, Cooper! Happy 1 month ampuversary! What a great milestone, especially the day after Thanksgiving! We’re gonna celebrate with cheese in your honor! Oh, and a few bites of turkey, too! 🙂
    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  4. fortisdad said:

    Thata boy big Coop! Congrats on the one month ampuversary. Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for all that we have. Happy Thanksgiving Coop and Family.

  5. cometdog said:

    Happy Ampuversary day! 1 month WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

    Coop – you’re were always wanted – but you had to wait until the right pawrents came along! Heck, I was put on the clearance rack for $10 so my pawrents not only got ME, they got a bargain!

    Enjoy your day!

    Cool Cat Comet

  6. jerry said:

    Hoppy Ampuversarygiving to you Cooper! That’s a fabulous milestone.

    I had my ampawtation at Thanksgiving too, so this holiday is very special to my folks as well. There’s so much to be thankful for, even as we face uncertainty. It’s a great way to learn to live life one hop at a time, isn’t it?

    Pawty on my friend, may there be a zillion more ampuversary celebrations for you!!!

  7. Mackenzie's Mom said:

    Hoppy 1 Month Ampuversary (and 2 days) Cooper!! Pawesome! And what a great holiday time to be celebrating too. We are celebrating with you this whole Thanksgiving weekend and so happy that you’re doing so well. Here’s to many, many more ampuversaries and celebrations, turkey, treats, ice cream and lots of love and hugs!

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