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Well, I don’t want to be left out. Coops had Thanksgiving in Atkin’s , near Cedar Rapids, and I took a few pictures. We love our Special Guy so much!! Coops forgot to mention that Mom & Dad went down stairs pretty often to love him up!  As you can see in one of the Pictures, Eddy, Coop’s cousin, he’s very bouncy. That’s why Coops was in the basement. We didn’t want Eddy bouncing on our Special guy! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

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6 Responses to “Ah, Mom wants to brag about me, too!”

  1. jerry said:

    Now that’s a celebration!

    And bragging is in the Tripawds Declaration of Independence, tell your folks it’s pawfectly OK to tell the world how pawesome you are!

    • coopsmom said:

      We are so proud of Cooper’s accomplishments. He has come from not being about to get up by himself, to walking up & downstairs, with just a little assistance, in only just a month.

  2. fortisdad said:

    You go right ahead and brag Coops’mom, he indeed deserves it. I brag about my boy Fortis about as much as I possibly can. The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing.

    I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  3. Faith Blackburn said:

    You’re Welcome! I feel like I know you guys. I may not get online much, but Ken is always sharing your blogs, pictures, and stories.
    Thanks for being there for us! You all are just a blessing. 🙂

  4. cometdog said:

    Coop’s Mom –
    I’m glad you are bragging but you better jump in and save Cooper! I’m afraid the monkeydogs are making a mockery of his good looks and good nature!

    Oh wait!……Is that a monkeydog I see in the pictures?!! If it’s not a monkeydog, it’s doing a monkeydance! RUH ROH!

    Cool Cat Comet – out

  5. coopsdad said:

    Comet, Coopsdad here, yes that is Eddy the monkeydog – and he most assuredly is a momkeydog and doing a monkey dance too… he is coopers aunt anitas boy – he is actually very close to Rockets age if I am not mistaken

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