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Twas the night before Christmas,

and at Cooper’s place;

the tree was lit up,

and shined on his face.

The presents were resting,

right under the tree;

while good Cooper wondered,

“Which one is for me?”

When out on the lawn,

came a bang that he heard;

caused Copper to wonder,

was it moose, bear, or  bird?

He got himself up,

on strong legs of three;

hopped right to the door,

and what did he see?

A terrible sight,

a tangle of elves;

Eight caribou kicking,

and hurting themselves.

Santa’s pack on the ground,

He was rubbing his head,

He hollered and yelled

nearly waking the dead.

“Oh no. Oh no,

What can I do?

My sleigh is all broken.

It’s no longer new.”

“All of the kids,

and every last dog;

will not understand,

it was cause of the fog.”

“Woof  Woof” Cooper said,

“Maybe I can assist.

If up to me,

Christmas won’t be missed.”

“But you’ve only three legs.”

Santa did wail.

“Santa, don’t worry,

I still have my tail.”

“Tripawds may seem

as if they are lame,

but really dear sir,

we elicit great fame.”

“We all have our strengths,

like you and your deer.

My special gift

I’ll give you this year.”

“Hook me on up,

right to your sleigh.

No time to waste,

Lets go! On our way!”

Santa scrambled,

and Cooper he tied;

a square knot, a half hitch

now ready to ride.

The toys were reloaded,

elves tended the deer;

while Santa and Cooper

took to the air.

From Texas to Maine,

Nevada, Alaska;

California, Pennsylvania

and even Nebraska.

Games for the kids,

toys for the dogs;

treats for all pawrents,

and all good tripawds.

Cooper’s tail was a rudder,

His legs were the prop;

from chimney to chimney,

to every rooftop.

To his own home

finally Cooper returned,

no worse for wear;

his Christmas he earned.

He gave Santa a lick,

Santa gave him a hug;

Cooper hopped back to the house

and onto his rug.

In front of the tree,

Coop took a nap.

Dreaming of all the gifts

he’ll unwrap.

All of the visions

jumping round in his head;

Made hiim feel good

like when the tummy is fed.

Because he knew

he saved Christmas day

For all tripawd buddies;

like big Wyatt Ray.

For Comet the dog,

Not the reindeer you know;

Some shiny pink ribbons,

and a beautiful bow.

For Maggie the cow dog

More good, crazy things

like sticks and balls

and agility rings.

For Fortis, his buddy

a giant dog bone;

a saddle, a stick,

and a big ice cream cone!

For Christmas Holly,

Not petals of Zuzu;

but a Yogi Bear doll

and soft stuffy of Boo-boo.

As Cooper relaxed

and gave in to his rest

He remembered the part

that was really the best.

All over the country

In each monkey-dog bowl

On Christmas morning,

will be nothing, but coal.

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6 Responses to “Cooper the Rudder tailed reindog.. written by Spirit Opies and earthly Matties mom”

  1. fightingforsammy said:

    OMG, I love it! It actually brought tears to my eyes because the poem was made more personal. What a great read! I like the end very much 🙂 Sammy has more of a copter tail, good job Coop.
    Elizabeth and Sammy

  2. etgayle said:


    charon & gayle

  3. cometdog said:

    Tripawds Prevail! Monkedogs Smell!

  4. Carmen (Catie's Mom) said:

    That was just GREAT!!

  5. madeline said:

    That sucks big time! Monkeydogs unite; git ready for a fight. Tripawd dogs are dummies. Monkeydogs eat Yummies. Stoopid Coopid! Monkey dogs are best! We never need a rest. Monkeybutt, don’t worry. Christmas belongs to US!

  6. Mackenzie's Mom said:

    Such an awesome poem!!

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