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Me on my 2 month ampuversaryI havent posted much on my blog in the last month. Well, mostly I guess because things have been going well for me. I have celebrated Thansgiving, and Christmas – 2 howlidays my pawrents originally thought I wouldnt be here to celebrate. And n ow here I am on my two month ampuversary. I am at the point where with getting around ok and eating well and getting lots of new muscles that I can be a big help and encouragement to the new tripawds that are coming along all the time. I want them and their pawrents not to be too afraid. I know with the bad thing that brought most of us here, that can be easier said then done. I know mom and dad had a hard week this week as there were so many sad and tragic losses. Mom and Dad love furkids in a way that a lot of folks just dont comprehend. Dad says that we are compassionate and loyal and give such total unconditional love , that he doesnt understand why everyone doesnt feel this way. Well, I keep telling mom and dad to just keep taking it one day at a time and rejoicing each morning they wake up and see my smiling face and my tail wagging! And thanks again to all of the tripawds before me that have helped pave the way for this Christmas/Ampuversary celebration of mine! Ones like Fortis, and Comet and etgayle and Lincoln and Tazzie and Sammie and just so many more … and if I didnt mention your name I apawlogise, it doesnt make any of you any less special. Everyone here in this group has been such a blessing and a help. Even Monkeybutt Rocket, Monkeyface Mattie and Rosie too! Monkeydogs or not they are friends in my book. So I dont know when I will be on here to blog again, but I plan on it being at least for my 3 month ampuversary! I am putting a picture of myself today in front of the Christmas tree… can you n otice how dark my new fur is growing in?

6 Responses to “Today is my 2 month ampuversary!”

  1. Tundra said:

    Happy Ampuversary! I know that we are happy to see Tundra’s smiling face and wagging tail every morning. One day at time is our motto. Thank you for the words of encouragement. We are looking forward to celebrating Tundra’s one month ampuversary this week. And your fur is growing back beautifully!

  2. admin said:

    Plenty of reason to rejoice, indeed Thanks for the reminder.

  3. CatiesMom said:

    Happy ampuversary, Coop. You can come a long way. That is some beautiful coat you’re growing. You’ve made your mom and dad and your friends so very proud with your resilience and unflappable joy and optimism.

    Hope you had a truly wonderful day.

  4. etgayle said:

    coop, you look great!!! happy ampuversary big guy, here’s to many, many more!!! we’ll celebrate for you in ET, ice cream and cheese for everybody!!

    gayle & charon

  5. Mackenzie's Mom said:

    Happy 2 Month Ampuversary Coop!! That’s just pawesome and you do look pretty handsome in front of the Xmas tree. I have to tell you that I totally agree with your mom and dad about loving our pets – can’t comprehend how some people don’t feel the same way. So I’m glad there are others like us out there who think our pets rock!
    Glad you’re doing so well – we’ll be celebrating in your honor tonight with lots of treats, cheese and ice cream.
    Way to go Cooper!

  6. fortisdad said:

    Super duper happy ampuversary wishes for Coops. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas guys.

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