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Tribute To Cometdog

February 6, 2011

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Twinkle, Twinkle little Star.
Precious Comet what a wonder you are.
You took my heart and made it whole.
From the first moment in time, you were my star.

Beautiful white fur and pretty pink bows,
Your heart and mine, they beat as one.

I knew when you were happy, or when you were sad
I knew each bark, each whine,  and I feel so bad.

Dear, Dear Comet, you left me so swiftly,
I had no warning, that you would not stay with me.

I look into the night sky,
The stars shining so brightly.
My heart can see you shining, up in the night sky.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Comet Baby
I want you to know, you will always be with me.

Copyright 2011 Faith Blackburn
All rights reserved

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7 Responses to “Tribute To Cometdog”

  1. CatiesMom said:

    Oh. What a lovely tribute.

  2. coopsmom said:

    Thank You! 🙂

  3. cometdog said:

    It’s precious. It’s a treasure. It’s filled with so much love. Thank you Faith again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Lisa said:

    That’s so sweet, and a fitting tribute to a beautiful pup.

  5. etgayle said:

    just lovely!!!

  6. fightingforsammy said:

    Very nice! I think about Comet wanting cookies and being so funny. I like to think she is watching over all the puppies that her mom knows, and being a part of the beauty of a starry night.
    Elizabeth and Sammy

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