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A turn in the road….

June 2, 2011

Its Coopsdad here…. what I have to write today belongs in Coopers blog, I have been trying to decide what topic to post this under in the forums but there is no topic for this. The only place for it is in Coopers own blog… today is the day that I know once and for all how very much I hate cancer. Cancer has been the cause of so many deep and tumultous emotions in our lives… it has single handedly brought so many dear and close friends into my life and then unceremoniously ripped them out of my grasp forever!! I HATE CANCER!!! I am barely able to see to type this as I just finished reading Caties blog and the devastating news that Catie earned her wings. Yes I cry every time I read that one of my friends furfriends have earned their wings… I am not ashamed I cry like a little girl each and every time. Reading the news about Catie today has even been harder to bear as it rides on the heels of the news I got about my hero and best friend Cooper yesterday… IO have struggled to figure out what and how to write… Coopers allergies subsided for a time and eventually the cough came back and was persistant. I spoke with Coopers vet the day before yesterday because Coopers cough and what triggered it mocked the symptoms of congestive heart failure. We decided it was time to take some x rays. My handsome Cooper 7 months into his journey has two fairly large tumors in his lungs… so Caties mom … please no that it is not with empty words that I say I cry for you and your loss of your beloved Catie… I HATE CANCER!! Cooper is not in pain. He is in awesome spirits and we are enjoying every minute with him just as we started from the day he had his amputation. This group has taught me such a valuable lesson in realizing that there will be plenty of time to grieve when the end of the journey arrives… today we live and love and enjoy…. but WE HATE CANCER!!! Yes… Cooper is old… he is going on 11 … but Cooper as well as all of my dog friends here are better and more genuine and love more and more freely than 99.9999 percent of all the people I have ever met.. they do not deserve this… I HATE CANCER!!!



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  1. etgayle said:

    we agree, cancer sucks, and it sucks hard. we’re sorry to hear of coop’s lung mets, thankfully he is not in pain. ken, we know you ‘get it’…live and love every moment with that brave boy. there are no guarantees for any of us, but keep enjoying every glorious day. we’re sending our best “ET juju” to cousin cooper, and sending our thoughts and best wishes to you all!!

    charon & gayle

  2. littlemanjake said:

    My Sweet Friend, Cooper,

    We have been thinking about you & your mom & dad nonstop. I hope your new medication is helping and really happy you’re still hungry. Remember what I said about the extra licks? I think this might be a good time…



    • Cooper said:

      To my dear sweet Isabelle .. I got your message about the extra licks and it is a most pawesome Idea and I have already been putting it to good use! You are the best!!

      Love always,

  3. maximutt said:

    Cancer does indeed suck. I’m sorry to hear about the mets. But you’re right: Cooper’s feeling great today and enjoying himself. He doesn’t know he’s sick, he just knows he’s been getting extra treats these last 7 months! Love up your boy, and give him a kiss for me.

  4. krun15 said:

    I’m with you on the cancer sucks topic. I’m sorry you have reached this point with Coop. You know you are doing this right- enjoy EVERY moment you have now with your boy- let the future take care of itself.

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  5. admin said:

    Ssshhhhhh…. Cooper doesn’t know he has any mets. Try to channel that anger into loving every moment together with your big furry buddy.

    PS: It pisses me off too, and I’d gladly join you in a good cry if I could be there to rub Coop’s belly!

  6. anjl said:

    Well, I read Caties blog and now Coop’s too and Im not ashamed to say that I am crying like a big girl does!
    Spoil him!!!! no regrets!

  7. Mackenzie's Mom said:

    I’m so sorry to read this Ken. But just know that there is life after lung mets and I think you already know this. I was thinking back to when Mackenzie was diagnosed with lung mets (at about 7 months into her surgery), was devastated for sure and then realized, through the support and help of this great community, that it wasn’t the end and that’s for sure. Hearing those words “lung mets” are the most devastating words to hear, especially after going through what you’ve been through. So just know that we are here for you. And completely, without question, agree with you that cancer sucks!!!!

  8. Dakota Dawg said:

    Ken, you’re spot on. I have only been here since early February, but in those 4 months our family have lost so many. It breaks my heart every time I see another one, and I too get angry at the unfairness. I can think of plenty of people who I’d volunteer to cross the bridge right now–but no dogs.

    Cooper is happy, smiling and delighted to live with a loving family. You are so very lucky Coop found you, so please do try to push this away for now and just enjoy your big, smiley boy. He’s what matters today.


  9. cometdog said:

    It’s a sad night. And I am crying.

    But on a bright note, Cooper you are still with us and…
    you’re the best dog anyone could ever hope to have! I’m sure you get told that often but I think you should hear it again and again.

    We will be happy and we will be celebrating each glorious day but tonight I’m crying.

  10. bordergirl4 said:

    Oh Cooper, what horrid news. The news we all fear. We were just getting on with accepting and not accepting Zip’s met to her spleen, rare for osteosarcoma, when we got news the other border collie has a mass the size of an orange in his liver. Hate is not strong enough for how we feel about cancer but love is stronger than hate! Our dogs are 14 and 12 and we want them forever but where we don’t have the time left we have love enough forever. Fortis another dog who earned his wings, lived quite awhile with his lung mets so don’t give up the fight. Morn and cry then get back to loving and learning from your dear friend who will go before you but be always waiting for you. I cry with you but rejoice in the time and love you two share.

  11. daisy2010 said:

    After reading your post I found myself crying. Cancer does suck. Cooper may sense that you are worried but what I know he feels is your love. Give him an extra treat and belly rub from the NY Dal’s.

  12. Leslie said:

    I have no words, but I wanted to show my support. Coop has definitely made some wonderful friends in the last 7 months. Love him dearly.

  13. anyemery said:

    Oh I am so sorry to be reading this. Please give Cooper a big belly rub for me and a great big kiss from Holly and Zuzu. We’re sending big, big hugs…
    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  14. Indiana's mom said:

    Ken, please know that I, too cried & cried after reading about sweet Catie, and here goes the tears again! We all have such brave & wonderful tripawds. They do not know they have cancer – and that is a very good thing. They are just showered with more love than they could have ever imagined.
    The last ex-ray we had of Indiana was in September and he was cancer free. As far as we knew – he was cancer free for one year! Until his one-year check-up when we heard the most devastating news all over again..Our boy’s cancer returned & he had 2 very large tumors in his lungs. We were given a few weeks..maybe one month…I sit and write almost FIVE months later and we still have our sweet boy so full of love and the love of life…This past month he has had a lot of ups and downs..but for the past couple of days – he has been doing great!! The reason I told you this was to give you and everyone else hope. It’s more than ok to cry – I do it many times a day I even cry if he has a great day – as I am so happy (and I hold on so tight). So..hold on tight to your Cooper and give him a big hug for us. We will all send hugs up to doggie heaven to all of our brave tripawds who have taught us so much and who we all will love always..with love…Indy’s mom ~ ~Carol~

  15. fightingforsammy said:

    I want you to know I am thinking of you today. I will write more when I get home tonight. I am just devistated by this, and by Catie.

    So much affection for you guys.

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  16. rubyaz said:

    Tears are flowing, I hate cancer! I am sorry to read about Cooper. Enjoy every minute with your big boy try not to let sadness rob you of one moment of your time with Cooper. Live for the moment. Give Cooper a big hug and some tunny pets for me.

    Jo Ann & Angel Tasha

  17. jerry said:

    I don’t know why the bad news always seems to happen in bunches. To hear about Catie and your mets in one night is a heavy thing to bear. What is the universe trying to tell us when this happens? To stay pawsitive? To be unafraid? To remind us we are imortal? I don’t know, but it makes me cry too.

    Cooper & Ken, you know this already but mets are not the end of the road, but just another way of going down the route all of our lives take eventually. Nobody knows how long we have with our without mets, but they are just a reminder to never take our togetherness, our love, or our community of such great people for granted.

    We send lots of love your way and hope that life looks a little brighter today.

    “I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.” — Groucho Marx.

  18. fortisdad said:


    Cancer does indeed suck and there is little that I hate as much. But I want you know that the months following Fortis’ diagnosis of lung mets were on many levels the most beautiful, special and memorable of the eleven years we had together. I know that you are scared and sad but remember what Coop’s journey has already taught you and regardless of what time remains it will be truly special. I too shed many tears my friend!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  19. Cooper said:

    Everyone, we are overwhelmed at then support and response from everyone! Today indeed looks brighter, the news of the lung mets was beyond what I could cope with. We are not giving up the fight, day two of Coops meds seems to be kicking in nicely, he slep quietly all night and his coughing today has been much milder. We are going to beef up his regimen of antioxidants and we are of course showering him with love. Instinct makes us feel like spoiling him by bringing his food to him but common sense says NO He needs to keep up his strength because he has to be able to at least go out to do his business. All of your comments are so awesome, and special thyanks to a few like Indianas mom, Fortisdad Mackenzies mom and cometsmom for the burst of hope in your comments. We need to get around and put together our note about Coop and Barneys adventures and get Barney off to his next destination! Thanks again everyone for all the warm thoughts and energy!
    Coops pack

  20. Cooper said:

    To my dear sweet Isabelle .. I got your message about the extra licks and it is a most pawesome Idea and I have already been putting it to good use! You are the best!!

    Love always,

  21. fightingforsammy said:

    Hello Coops family,
    I spent the day thinking of your family and I was really hurt because this is such a reminder that my boy is as mortal as us all. Then I remembered how many have had such good life after this diagnosis that I wanted to tell you that Coop is still here and that is a great reason to be happy.
    I do ask that you give him a special Sammy hug, we really hope the best for you.
    Elizabeth and Sammy

    • Ken said:


      thank you for thinking of us, I know exacly what you mean about the reminders of mortality. You know I dont mind that Cooper is old. Growing old and passing on are part of life. What I hate is that this filthy disease robs our furkids of so much dignity. My prayer for Cooper is that God would slow or completely halt the cancer and allow Coop his golden years in some peace and dignity. We are sure not giving up the good fight, we are bolstering up Coops diet with good veggies full of antioxidants and known cancer fighters. Today has been a brighter day and you are spot on! Coopie is here today and that calls for great celebration!!

  22. riosmom said:

    Cooper (and Cooper’s family),

    We are so, so very sorry to read your latest news. Our hearts are breaking for you. I know firsthand how devastating it is to hear the news that the dreaded enemy has returned. But as everyone before me has said, there is life after diagnosis. Each time we’ve gotten the news that Rio’s cancer has returned has been another kick to the gut for me. But she just keeps doing what she’s doing. She’s still here, she’s still waging the battle, and along the way I’ve learned that, because of her, I am strong enough to keep moving forward too.

    Cooper is an inspiration, and a hero. We are sending you lots of positive energy and good wishes, and know that Cooper’s love will give you the strength to get through whatever the future holds.

    We’ll be thinking of you,

    Micki and Rio

  23. Ginger said:

    Cooper and Ken-

    We can only agree that cancer sucks and that we are crying about Cooper’s news.

    But we are also hopeful. Cooper is one strong dog and will weather this storm as well. Keep spoiling him and loving him each and every second.

    Golden hugs to all of you.
    Ginger, Annie and Brian

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