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Barney and Cooper

June 4, 2011

Barney stealing dads boat

Well, it is a week since we came home from the cabin. I have been wanting to get on here and write about that purple beasty Barney, but my dad has been fussing around about me non stop  since we got home about something in my lungs – lung mints or something… if its mints he should be glad because maybe it will make my breath a little better … oh well, I didnt feel the very best while on vacation so my adventure with Barney was on the mild side , but here’s a little re-cap of the events. Barney arrived here in the middle of May – sent from my beautiful girlfriend Isabelles house. This fact that he came from Isabelle created some confusion on my part as I smelled her and immediately thought she was sending me a wonderful friend! As my early pictures with Barney will show this clearly. It didnt take long to find out the truth – the only good thing about Barney was the smell of all my dog friends that had hosted Barney before me… and oh my dog!! how is it possible for the smell of so many good friends to be on one small purple dino?? I smelled Isabelle of course and Fortis and Holly and Ginger and Nova and Opie and Maggie and of course my hero Angel Catie Caitlin and beautiful Angel Mackenzie and Chloe and Lincoln and on and on!! I smelled Barney for hours getting to know all my pen friends.

Well Barneyy tried to eat my food… and I started to see how HE  was.. in the guise of friendship I offered him my rawhide bone which was so huge compared to Barney anf he almost got strangled by it! That was the closest I came to killing Barney but I didnt give up. When mom and dad took me to see my Aunt Anita and my cosin Eddie the poodle (monkeydog through and through ) but oh well he’s family.. we left old purple britches at home with no food and water! But darned if he wasnt still alive when we got home!

But I knew we were going to cabin to the lake for a long vacation, and I thought oh good! A whole 11 ndays!! Bareny will starve for sure! But then!!! My dad brought Barney with us!! So there goes MY vacation! Early on I invited Barney outdoors to share a salad with Barney… hehehehee… little did he know that I like to eat itch weed…. hehehehee… as you can see by his many bandages – he got quite the rash!

I would have thought that would settle the reptile down but NOOOOO!!! As soon as my mom and dad left to take a day trip to Rock Island – Barney tries to steal my dads boat!!! I dont even get to go in my dads boat!! ( Of course I try to jump out and swim… ) but anyway, fair is fair and Im now just a little peeved! So before my mom and dad got back I caught that Barney dude and hung him from the ceiling fan and turned it on. Well, I didnt kill him , but let me tell you for the last few days he has done not much but lay around on my bed… yeah yeah I said my bed, I flet sorry for old purple britches a little and let him crash on my bed = whatever!! Anyway I want to thank the beautiful Isabelle for sending Barney to me and I want to also mention that before that Chloe had offered to send him but we had so much on our plate that we declined at that time. Thanks Chloe for offering! And to Spirit Jerry… I also smelled you on Barney and I am so honored that I got to share your toy…. thank you for this oportunity!



10 Responses to “Barney and Cooper”

  1. anjl said:

    Well Coopy, you nay not have felt well but you look most handsome still in all of those pictures. I like the accessory you added to that Barney!

  2. GerrysMom said:

    Ooooo, that Barney. You would have thought he’d learned better manners with all the traveling he has done. I think he’s only part dinosaur – other part Monkeybutt!

  3. tatespeeps said:

    That picture with the rawhide bone is hilarious! Cooper, you get an “A” for effort, that shoulda done him in!

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling that great, I truly hope those mints improve your breath.

    Your forever friend,

  4. tombi said:

    sorry you’re having a rough go of it cooper. Gla dto see you were still able to keep an eye on the nasty purple dinosaur

  5. Chloes mom said:

    You are so welcome!!! Chloe and I are just glad that you finally got the purple booger! Too bad starving him or giving him a rash didn’t kill him…

    Love the ceiling fan pictures! Hilarious! And the big clown nose…very appropriate!

    -Chloe and her mom

  6. killbarney said:

    Paawwwww… We were hopin’ to see a video of Barney being dragged behind Dad’s boat! 😉 Can’t wait to hear from his next host…

  7. Ginger said:

    Sooper Cooper –

    Even with that bad breath, what is this about mints, you gave that purple guy a good beating. I mean the starvation, itchy rash and then stringing him up to a ceiling fan and turning it on!!!
    Now I know why you are the Fearless Leader – Barney will furever be traumatized. Good going!!

    Is the clown nose to help him feel like part of the family??

    Your Friend,

  8. credocanis said:

    Well played Sooper Cooper…It seems like you gave the purple moster a few things to remember. I can’t believe you put him on the fan. Great idea.

    I hope your lung mints are doing okay and that you are feeling okay. That purple guy can really sap a dog’s energy if you aren’t careful.

    :)Lincoln and his Mom

  9. Indiana's mom said:

    Hi Ken,

    You have the gift of bringing smiles to us (even when some of us are so sad). You should write a storybook or two! You truly have talent!! Loved it!

    Hope handsome Cooper feels better xo

    Indy kisses to you and hugs from Indiana’s mom ~ ~Carol~

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