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Twas the night before Christmas,

and at Cooper’s place;

the tree was lit up,

and shined on his face.

The presents were resting,

right under the tree;

while good Cooper wondered,

“Which one is for me?”

When out on the lawn,

came a bang that he heard;

caused Copper to wonder,

was it moose, bear, or  bird?

He got himself up,

on strong legs of three;

hopped right to the door,

and what did he see?

A terrible sight,

a tangle of elves;

Eight caribou kicking,

and hurting themselves.

Santa’s pack on the ground,

He was rubbing his head,

He hollered and yelled

nearly waking the dead.

“Oh no. Oh no,

What can I do?

My sleigh is all broken.

It’s no longer new.”

“All of the kids,

and every last dog;

will not understand,

it was cause of the fog.”

“Woof  Woof” Cooper said,

“Maybe I can assist.

If up to me,

Christmas won’t be missed.”

“But you’ve only three legs.”

Santa did wail.

“Santa, don’t worry,

I still have my tail.”

“Tripawds may seem

as if they are lame,

but really dear sir,

we elicit great fame.”

“We all have our strengths,

like you and your deer.

My special gift

I’ll give you this year.”

“Hook me on up,

right to your sleigh.

No time to waste,

Lets go! On our way!”

Santa scrambled,

and Cooper he tied;

a square knot, a half hitch

now ready to ride.

The toys were reloaded,

elves tended the deer;

while Santa and Cooper

took to the air.

From Texas to Maine,

Nevada, Alaska;

California, Pennsylvania

and even Nebraska.

Games for the kids,

toys for the dogs;

treats for all pawrents,

and all good tripawds.

Cooper’s tail was a rudder,

His legs were the prop;

from chimney to chimney,

to every rooftop.

To his own home

finally Cooper returned,

no worse for wear;

his Christmas he earned.

He gave Santa a lick,

Santa gave him a hug;

Cooper hopped back to the house

and onto his rug.

In front of the tree,

Coop took a nap.

Dreaming of all the gifts

he’ll unwrap.

All of the visions

jumping round in his head;

Made hiim feel good

like when the tummy is fed.

Because he knew

he saved Christmas day

For all tripawd buddies;

like big Wyatt Ray.

For Comet the dog,

Not the reindeer you know;

Some shiny pink ribbons,

and a beautiful bow.

For Maggie the cow dog

More good, crazy things

like sticks and balls

and agility rings.

For Fortis, his buddy

a giant dog bone;

a saddle, a stick,

and a big ice cream cone!

For Christmas Holly,

Not petals of Zuzu;

but a Yogi Bear doll

and soft stuffy of Boo-boo.

As Cooper relaxed

and gave in to his rest

He remembered the part

that was really the best.

All over the country

In each monkey-dog bowl

On Christmas morning,

will be nothing, but coal.

Cooper’s new boots

December 11, 2010

Hey, Everyone, Coops is the Scoops, in his new boots. 🙂  He can now walk on slick surfaces. All he needs to do, is to get used to them. Isn’t he the BOMB? Hehehehehe. I think he’s just perfect!

Well, I don’t want to be left out. Coops had Thanksgiving in Atkin’s , near Cedar Rapids, and I took a few pictures. We love our Special Guy so much!! Coops forgot to mention that Mom & Dad went down stairs pretty often to love him up!  As you can see in one of the Pictures, Eddy, Coop’s cousin, he’s very bouncy. That’s why Coops was in the basement. We didn’t want Eddy bouncing on our Special guy! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

On this day after Thanksgiving, I have much to be thankful for. Today is my one month ampuversary! It is so hard for mom and dad and I to imagine that one month has gone by. I have my ampuversary one day after thanksgiving which helps me to really pawse and think about my blessings. I am thankful that mom and dad didnt listen to the first doctor , because had they done that I am not sure I would be here talking right now. I am thankful for no pain, I am thankful for a warm house and as much love as I want. I am thankful that I never have an empty stomach. I am so thankful that mom and dad drove all the way across Iowa 4 years ago and adopted me – at 6 years old I was beginning to feel that NO ONE wanted me 🙁

We spent the day before my ampuversary in Cedar Rapids at my aunt Anitas. We had a good time but I had to stay downstairs almost the whole time because I was a little tense around my crazy cousin Eddy… ok well he isnt crazy – he just acts crazy, but I guess only being about a year old brings out the crazy in some pups.Eddy is a standard poodle and he thinks he is something special. ok, ok I guess he is a little special….  We had turkey, and dad is cooking a BIG turkey this very minute!! now I know that at home Im going to get A LOT of turkey and also some sweet potatoes and maybe some pie… dad has always shared the family feast with me on Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving! And with my ampuversary falling so close to it, it is just so much more special.

Last night I heard dad talking to aunt anita about how he wasnt even sure I was going to be here this Thanksgiving, I am not sure where I would be but I am glad I am here!

I am also especially happy to be sharing my thanksgiving and ampuversary with all my new found friends and family at tripawds! Happy thanksgiving and licks and doggy kisses to you all!!

Stitches out!!!! woof!!

November 19, 2010

Christmas 2009

well I have been to the doctor and had my stitches out already! I am very happy about that , they were pokey old things anyway! now we are set to spend the weekend putting up the Christmas tree and watching the Iowa/Ohio State game… hoping the team that played lights out against Michigan State shows up to play this week! Sometimes on gamedays like last week against Northwestern I worry dad is going to blow a gasket! Well, happy weekend time to all my tripawd buds and their pawrents!

tomorrow is a doctor visit

November 18, 2010

Cooper here, I have had a super good week! I have to get up early tomorrow to go see the doctor. Dad says my stitches come out tomorrow! Yayy!! I hate those pokey old things, and my new fur growing in is getting all tangled in them!

Besides that….. the stitches are kind of up high …. near my neck….. I think they are making my neck look fat!! I’ll have to get a picture taken after they are out and send to Monkeybutt!

Hello, from Coops Mom!

November 15, 2010

Hi! My name is Faith. I’m Coops Mom. I wanted to share something God gave me, when I was grieving over one of our dogs.  We had a Doberman for 14 years, then we adopted a dog from the shelter that we got because he reminded us of our dear Ben that we had so long. We only had a few months with him, when he fell over and died in our living-room.It was so horrible. But who can live, without having a dog?

It’s unthinkable, huh? Well, to make a long story short, we adopted his brother, and had some happy years. We lived a nice 6 years with him, before he started having seizures. We did all we could with medication, but one day he just went into seizures & they never stopped. We had to let him go. I asked God why we kept getting all the “Broken Dogs”. This is what he said…..

One question,  “Can I only expect you to walk through the Garden Of Life, and not the thistles, valleys, or hillsides?  Can you expect the good and not the bad? Can you not trust me, when the chips are down, heartache is at your front door?”

I chose YOU to handle the misfits-the broken animals, the homeless: ones discarded and not wanted. I knew that you would treasure, love, and hold open your heart to the broken, to the imperfect. What was considered garbage, you considered a treasure. Heartache and suffering, loving and caring. I place only those things I hold nearest and dearest to my heart, with those that I find trust worthy and obedient.

If you had to choose again, knowing the outcome, the history from beginning to end, would you have ventured whole heartedly into this Caregiver Position, weighing the good, the bad?

Yes, I could have fixed the broken, healed the healable. Sometimes tough things in life happens, and things seem dreary, unfixable. I am the Author of all things-, and need you to trust me. Unconditionally. Without hesitation. Trust me, without condition. Love me and know, I want the best for you!

I will love you. Hold you. Walk beside you. Carry you.

In answer to your question. Yes, I know what you’ve been through. Know your heartbreak. Know your sacrifices. They were for me! They are counted for. I chose you because I knew you would be faithful.

This is the answer to your question.


Now, I just know that God blesses  us with our canine friends to give us joy & to delight us! It takes a Special kind of person to love & hold onto our three legged friends.  Thanks for being there & sharing in Cooper’s Journey as we enjoy each day , as God blesses us with him!

Cooper here, how is everyone? Hoping you all had an awesome weekend! I know I did! I got kind of worn out , but for a change it was a good worn out! WE GOT TO GO TO THE CABIN!! HOORAY!! I first of all noticed that the stairs at the cabin are way less steep than home…. hmmmmmm, I wonder if I can talk dad into moving to the cabin….. I will have to work on that, heard him talk about the water getting shut off for the winter, I wonder if that makes a problem for moving in……?? Well, by gosh a little while after we got to the cabin I gave an extra show of strength an hopped myself up onto dads futon! I thought sure he would take the floor after all that work , but alas , he made me get back down to the floor. But anyway, we spent the whole weekend TOGETHER!! And in the same BIG room! I got my drain out Friday and all my restrictions were pretty much lifted as far as keeping me cooped up ( no pun intended ) We went shopping in Muscatine on Saturday, mom and dad bought me more carpet runners for the cabin , and dad ordered some stuff to put on my feet so I dont slip so much. I didnt get to go down to the lake , but I could see it and smell it !!! maybe soon I will be strong enough to go down, dad did promise that if I keep working and doing so good that he promises to take me swimming this spring! HOORAY!!! Oh dad and mom also bought a new swinging baby gate to keep me away from the stairs, now no one has to climb over that old gate and the front door has been put into commision again. That seems to make mom happy. Well, lets see… I guess thats about it, if all goes well I am supposed to go and have my sutures removed this coming Friday, so I should be in pretty good shape for Thanksgiving.. dad and mom always give me a special thanksgiving plate every year …. I wonder if I can work some extra goodies out of this…… the treats are surrrrreeeee flowing smoothly lately. Well, I guess thats all for now! But thanks for checking in on me and we will talk to you soon! Its only 11 days til my one month ampuversary you know!!

Cooper on the futon

You take the floor dad Im good right here!