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Coopers Twin…

November 14, 2010

Just have to add this picture of Bo Dog that Karen posted, and a new picture of Coopies… they could be twins were there not so many years between them!!

Going to the cabin??

November 12, 2010

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Hooray!! Dad said we are going to the cabin this weekend! which means I might get to see the lake!!! I love the lake!!!!! Dda says I wont be able to swim, that makes me very sad, the newfy part of me loves to swim , why when I get by the lake…. I become deaf…. ( at least thats the way I let on )  but when I get by the lake if Im not on my leash , I just keep walking and walking untill oops….. Im 50 feet out and swimming , hmmmmmm – I cant imagine how that happens. Anyway I will miss everyone the next couple of days, but it will be nice to have a NORMAL thing happen! Dad hasnt taken me to the cabin since we learned I was sick. It has been forever! I will write when I get home!


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Monday…. a work day…

November 8, 2010

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Cooper here, I havent been on too much lately – that was quite an ordeal I went through, I got kind of sick and dad took me back to the place with all the nice people, but that dirty guy took more of my leg!!! When will it stop? Now – I will say that when I came home from my second surgery, I did feel much stronger… so I guess I am ok with it. I came home on Friday as I said and helped mom and dad celebrate their wedding anniversary, and things were just pretty quiet. Saturday I REALLY felt good! I cant remember if it was Saturday or Sunday that dad and I made my video that we posted in the forums. It made dad so happy to make it because not only could all my friends here see it but all my aunts in Cedar Rapids saw it on facebook and they were all thrilled and so proud of me! Sunday I asked dad if I could come upstairs. He was very very skeptical. I jumped over and put my front leg up on the first step and smiled my best and he finally gave in and helped me up. I did such a good job and dad was so careful. We used my walk about rear support harness and my collar. Dad doesnt think my incision is well enough for the new ruffwear harness… darn! that is one snazzy looking vest – and I sure would like to try it! But we got me upstairs, I had actually felt that mom and dad didnt want me anymore, so I felt so much better when they let me up. I even got up and went into the dining room to sit by dad like old times. Before bedtime we went back down, boy that was kind of scary! But we did ok. This morning was a work day, and mom and and dad had to go to work, so they left the tv on and made sure I was comfortable, dad came home at lunch and visited me! he never used to do that, but its ok with me! Tonight he asked if I wanted to come upstairs, I smiled and said no, not tonight, but thank you for asking. I mainly wanted to be sure they still wanted me. But everything is ok.  Well, I go back to the vet later this week, dad thinks probably around Friday. Something about a drain having to come out….. I didnt use to have extra plumbing…….. oh well dad seems to know what he’s talking about so its all good. Thanks for following along with my story, and I am very new to all this , but been forced to learn so much so quickly, so if there is ever anything I can answer or be of encouragement to you, let me know ! Until next time… WOOF!!

Cooper is HOME!!!

November 5, 2010

hey everyone Cooper here! I missed everyone while I was back in the hospital! sayyyyyy I got a post from a black beauty named Fancy while I was gone…. what a beautiful girl she is!! oh… wait, back to my thoughts – well I had the rest of my leg removed yesterday and some bad muscle – I was so surprised to have to go back, I dont understand…. I was getting stronger – but dad came home and told me I stank the other day and he rushed me into the car and off to the doctor so fast I didnt even have time to argue! Well, I will tell you all – 2 major surgeries in a week is not fun, but it isnt the end of the world it seems. I am actually stronger than I was before I had the second surgery and dad says I look younger than I did even before the first, so I hope that is good news. My mom and dad were so glad to see me, they said that my coming home was the very nicest anniversary present they could ever have had, it is their 28th today, so I am glad I was able to be a cause for celebration to them! Well, I better rest for now! talk to you all later!

Day 9

November 5, 2010

Well, friends, Cooper had his second surgery today, the wait at work for the call was long and hard. But at 12:38 the vet called and said the surgery had gone very well. the rest of the upper leg was removed and the whole area cleaned up. and a drain put in. I just finished reading Fancys post and it sounds like Coopers situation was very much the same. there was a lot of infected muscle that had to be removed, his incisiion had also kept bleeding at the beginning and as the incision healed it stopped , but when that bone poked through it released more blood and began again ( hence my post the other night, how much is too much )  I guess in retrospect, the fact that the bone poked through was good because from what I understand the infection must have been closed up in there and spreading much like Fancys post said. Had the hole not opened up it may have gotten much worse before I knew anything was wrong. Coops grandma had to stop by the vet this afternoon to pick up frontline for my brothers dog – and she learned that Cooper is making everyone at the clinic earn their keep, they say he is just fine as long as they stand and talk to him and pet him. they finally gace Coop a radio and he laid down to nap. I know Cooper was in much less pain after the first surgery after having been freed from the pain of the cancer, and I am anxious to see how much better he is when he comes home again. Sounds like he will be coming home tomorrow. Even with this infected muscle – he had slept so much more peacefully than when he had the cancer in the leg. the doctor told me he was already sitting up and restless to be up on the move after surgery this morning so that sounds great considering it took a good 3 days before he did much after surgery number 1. Coops mom and I are wating anxiously for Coopers big hugs and kisses when he comes home! We will let everyone know as soon as there is more to update on. Thanks EVERYONE for all the crossed paws, prayers and encouragement. I told Coops mom tonight how wonderful you all are.

Day 8

November 3, 2010

Coopsdad here .. Cooper went back to the hospital today. his dressing got smelling badly today when I came home at lunchtime to check on him, the vet said to take it off and bring him in tomorrow for his scheduled appt. I opened the wrap and it was really bad. called the vet back and he met me there, looked Cooper over and kept him there. Tomorrow Cooper goes back into to surgery for proabable removal of the rest of the leg. Prayers and thoughts appreciated for my boy!! I will update you as soon as I know anything.

hahaha…. I was so tired when dad and I got home I forgot how to blog on my own blog.. so I commented on it instead. Hope eevryone saw my comment which covered day 5 – still tired and a little worried about the hole that opened up, but the vet said that based on the color and ammount od drainage it is ok, just keep it covered. So I get to wear dads old Iowa Tshirt  – dad called the vet at home at 8:30 tonight!!! he really DOES love me!!

Day 4 – October 30th

October 30, 2010

Hello, everyone. Cooper here. Nice to meet all of you! My dad has been talking about you all non stop! Sorry I havent been able to get on here and meet you all sooner, I have been having a BAD week! It all started when I got that stoopid limp…. I tried to hide it but some days I just couldnt you know?? But anyway once my pawrents saw it, all of a sudden everyone is alllllll worried and hovering over me so I wish it had never started! Well, I actually hid the limp for a few days , then it got too much, Dad checked my pads again , then he started to check my wrist and knee. Boy when he checked my knee and realized my left front was like 3 times bigger all of a sudden than the right, he turned white as a ghost! Well, I was due for shots anyway so I guess it was inevitable, off to doctor we went. Well dad took me to a doctor I didnt know and I have to tell you I like EVERYBODY , but this guy I didnt like …. Im not gonna say why cause Im too polite for that, but when he reached down to look at my leg I growled and took a snap at him! Dad didnt even know I could move that fast. hehehehe. well this guy says  that he doesnt think Im worth putting any effort into, not even worth doing an xray! what if he wrong?? whats cancer anyway???? I dont like the sound of it. Now I dont like shots but he says I may not even be worth giving my shots to! Well, dad took me home and we spent a quiet weekend. Then a week later dad took me to see another doctor. This guy was sooooo nice and he talked to me and scratched my ears…. he thought I had an infection because my mass didnt present itself the way cancer usually does, and mom and dad got real excited for a minute. Then the picture of my leg came back and the nice guy was real sad… he said something about my one bone being completely eaten through by this cancer thing. He and my pawrents talked awhile and pretty soon said something about me coming back on Tuesday the 26th of October. Well, I did go back there… and dad LEFT me !! for crying out loud … he left me!! he has only left me ONCE the whole time I have lived there and that was with my human sister, not some doctor!! And then this NICE GUY  tricks me and makes me go to sleep…. now I know my leg was bigger than the other , and I know this guy was trying to fix it, but I gotta tell you , I think he really screwed up! Why when I woke up my WHOLE LEG WAS GONE!!! yeah I know right??? GONE!! well I am officially REALLY MAD at dad right now, I love him forever – but I am still mad. He came to pick me up on Wednesday.. I am glad to see him but I tried HARD not to let him know. getting in the car and into the house was so hard. we didnt go upstairs for some reason, we just sat on the landing and waited for mom. when she got home her and dad talked about what in the world were we going to do. Pretty soon 2 baby gates went up and there I was stuck on the landing. we did ok the first night. I USUALLY sleep next to dad. He is STILL on my list! When I got up the next morning dad took me outside – boy was that a fiasco! you’d think he never ever singlehandedly dragged a 119 pound dog outside….oh yeah right he hasnt, sorry dad. Bad news was , once I got out there I wasnt coming back in – no way no how. dad had to call mom home from work, he had already called in to stay with me. wow my mom and dad put me on a blanket and picked me up and carried me back inside. I guess they really do love me! I think dad has been crying a lot. He tries to hide it , but when he comes to visit  I can smell tears and I am SURE i can taste them as I lick his face. I want to tell him I will be ok , but he is worried.

See!! today is day 4 and I hopped around 6 whole steps outside ALL BY MYSELF!! And GUESS WHAT???? I pooped today – hoooray!!! I am soo glad! So here goes a journey that my pawrents and I never dreamed we would take, I only hope we can move ahead and be the inspiration for you and any new Tripawds that come along and join our journey. I already have so many new and caring friends! I have to go now, today we go to See Spot Run pet rehab center in Iowa City. We have to leave in 2 hours! So wish us luck and I will talk to you all later!

coopers path

October 29, 2010

well, I have never had a blog before… dont really even know what it is. I guess I am here to share about Coopers new life as a tripawd. Cooper started this journey on October 26th, 2010. It was a very hard decision and three days later, I am still somewhat questioning the decision. Was it a decision made selfishly for me or was it made for Cooper? Cooper is in good spirits and eating and drinking well, but hasnt started to eliminate since coming home. Oh Cooper is 10 in January, he is a lab – newfy mix and he is a gentle giant. he is super laid back which might account ofr some of his difficulty getting the hang of 3 legs. he did a remarkable job coming through surgery and has passed a few milestones since coming home, but I worry so much that I will lose him if he cant get up and go.( go literally as well as go potty ) his xrays were all clear and blood work all clear so – we are hoping that any cancer has been contained to the left front that was removed.